Решение нацелено на сбор информации из различных источников, их очистку и синхронизацию в целях создания единых справочников компании.  

 Managerial Analysis & Consolidating System (MACS)

If you are not satisfied with your statements, if it is not enough granular to support your decision, if you cannot to prove statement and track the changes in statements and/or analytical reporting, MACS can be very helpful.

GIGO principle not correct now. If you have not very good quality data about your company activity on input, it is not determinate, that you will have the same or worse quality on output. With MACS it can be much better.


MACS brings you possibility to:

  • ·       Easily to consolidate data for different business units from different and disparate sources
  • ·       Quick and easily produce data for managerial reports of very high quality and granularity
  • ·       Provides continuous operative controlling with immediate automatic deviation informing by email or SMS
  • ·       Provides Product cost calculation and allocation for the complex and multistage production processes
  • ·       Provides KPI calculation for Employee, Departments, Business Units or Companies in a group

MACS allows to:

  • ·       Import data, clean and reconcile data from different sources: ERP, store, payment and document management systems
  • ·       Manage analytical structure of controlled parameters (managerial chart of accounts) and transformation or interpretation rules
  • ·       Design sophisticated allocation and reconciliation procedures to produce
  • ·       Automatically update data model for the graphical reporting system (Arcplan, Tableau, Excel)

With MACS, you can better understand your business through high granularity and high quality analytical information.

And, please, don’t think, that it cost a lot… Just ask us.